Hanging Lake (Glenwood Springs)

Hanging Lake (hanging Lake Park in Glenwood Springs, CO)

  • Attempted 8/05/14
  • Apprx 2.5 miles round trip
  • Apprx 2 hr hike
  • Difficult-easy trip (not a walk in the park because of how much elevation is gained)
  • +1,096′ net elevation gain to HangingLake (7,040′)
  • Equipment:
    • sunblock (remember elevation makes a difference, closer to the sun)

First and foremost, get here as early as humanly possible because the very small parking lot fills up super quick.  This means that there are a thousand tourists all walking the trail by midday.  We must have arrived around 9:30a and we drove around the parking lot 2-3 times before we lucked out and found a spot by stalking someone back to their car.

Some of the views starting out the hike.
Some of the views starting out the hike.
More amazing views from the sidewalk.
More amazing views from the sidewalk.

The hike up is quite steep and you’ll see tourists taking breaks at every rock along the way.  There are some light bouldering obstacles one can climb on the side for something to do on the way up.  The final part is the most fun when you have to shimmy along some rocks to get to the top.  Here are some shots from the lake:

20140803_133759 20140803_133811 20140803_133824 20140803_133826

Be sure to try and walk out on the log and have a friend take a picture.  I almost made it to the end before I started to submerge the log.  Everyone tries it, no one seems to ever fall, it is great fun!  Even if you fell, the lake is hardly deep and someone will surely be around to help you out.

Pro Tip: Go back to before the boardwalk and hike up to the waterfall that feeds Hanging Lake.  It really isn’t hard to get to at all, and it is less than a quarter mile back.  If you are feeling particularly brave, try standing under the waterfall – you’d be surprised how heavy the water feels!  It is very easy to slip on the wet rocks, though, so do exercise caution.  Here is a view of Hanging Lake from above:


Overall everyone in Colorado should hike here at least once, just try to do it early and beat the tourists.  I also want to attempt this sometime in the winter, but haven’t ever gotten around to it.


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