Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls (Steamboat)

  • Attempted 8/14/12
  • Equipment:
    • sunblock
    • tech shell (i take this with me whenever I go into the mountains)
    • Swim shorts & water-friendly shoes (I wear my five-finger shoes around water or when climbing)

My friends and I did a summer trip to Steamboat after graduating from high school.  This was a great hike where rambunctious teenagers could climb around on some rocks and mess around!  This was a surprisingly busy area.  From the parking lot, it was probably only about a half mile down to the bridge where you could see the river.  We thought that while we could do the normal hike, it would be way more fun to hike up the river.  No, not beside the river, but straight up it.

We just hiked straight up that
Like I said, we were up to no good...
Like I said, we were up to no good…



Whether or not what we did was orthodox or allowed is another issue, but that’s not why you’re here.  So we basically just hiked down to the river from the bridge and bounced around from rock to rock.  We had a volleyball with us for some reason, so we just kicked it up the river from the rear of our group and let it float back down to the back.  We also played dodgeball on the rocks, which in hindsight was probably a bit dangerous.  Then we began to throw rocks beside people to splash them – again, a smart idea.

Like I said, we were hiking up the river


A view of the bridge where we SHOULD be hiking
A view of the bridge where we SHOULD be hiking

We hiked up about 2-3 miles before we decided to turn around, we didn’t really have a destination.  I must say, it was a beautiful hike going up the river without anyone else around but us.  There were plenty of rocks to jump around on so that we never had to walk in the water.  While this hike might not be allowed, we enjoyed it and I would suggest it for others if they are feeling adventurous.  On our way back down, we saw several other groups coming up the rocks by the bridge, so clearly this wasn’t an issue for many people.  The scenery was amazing, just like you’d expect from Steamboat.  I would HIGHLY recommend taking a tour of steamboat in the summer time and camping, mountain biking, and hiking.  Perfect getaway!

SAM_0694 SAM_0696 SAM_0697 SAM_0704 SAM_0705 SAM_0710

And that's about where we drew our limits
And that’s about where we drew our limits

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